Valentine Gift Set (Limited 100 Sets Only)

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Available from 11 – 19 February only
Limited to 100 Sets

Featuring the Absolut Raspberri duo of Red Wine Choc Mousse and Red Wine Choc Truffle Cubes

1. Absolut Raspberri Red Wine Choc Mousse
– Creamy smooth Red Wine Choc Mousse, Tangy Absolut Raspberri Cream, Red Velvet Sponge and Absolut Raspberri Jelly decorated with 2 Pop rock Figurine, White chocolate on the side, a Pink Sugar Diamond with Rose Gold Leaf and 2 hearts to ensure your Valentine day would be memorable!

2. Absolut Raspberri Red Wine Truffle Cubes
– Absolut Raspberri, Raspberry Puree, Red Wind with Chocolate to give a you Fragrant, Tangy and bold melt in the mouth sensation and hopefully her heart , Decorated with Rose Gold Leaf


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Acrylic Cake Topper with Happy Birthday wording


When 1 is not enough, glorify your picture and video with its effect

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