Pop Rock Man (4pcs)


Cake Tella Mascot

Hidden inside each bite is a surprise of popping candy that will electrify your taste buds as it pops in your mouth while the rich & creamy Belgian Chocolate melts in your mouth.

POP ROCK MAN is the perfect treat for chocolate lovers looking for a little extra excitement. Try it today and discover the explosive sensation of chocolate and popping candy.

Order now and treat your taste buds to a firework show.

1. Contains egg and dairy.

2. Peanut Butter is used as Cake Message.

3. Cake is meant to be eaten directly from fridge or freezer.

4. Adding on Ice bag & Ice Pack would give you another 1-2 hour of buffer time.

Product Type Transporting Instruction Storage Lifespan
Non Ice Cream Cakes Max 2 hours in air conditioned space Max 5 days in fridge
Ice Cream Cakes Max 1 hour in air conditioned space with dry ice Max 2 weeks in freezer
Truffle Cubes Max 3 hours in ice pack Max 1 week in fridge / 1 month in freezer
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