About Us

CakeTella – About Us

Eddie Tan came from the humblest of beginnings.

His journey started from his parents’ kitchen. Seeing that normal cakes are boring, Eddie thought, why not make something unique with an alcoholic twist? Alcohol is known to have a very fragrant and flavorful profile, and thus, Cake Tella was born.

Cake Tella focused on supplying alcohol cakes to cafes. Yet, it came into a screeching halt due to the pandemic in 2020, and this prompted Eddie to move his business online. By selling slices of cakes in various flavors to customers online, this has made Cake Tella the go to for Alcoholic Cakes, and since then, Cake Tella has collaborated with renowned brands like Roku Gin, Guinness, Martell, Wing Heong, & many more.

Cake Tella has moved from a home grown business, to a full fledged cloud kitchen, with a team of capable individuals who share the same belief that food is a way to communicate love.