Best Birthday Cake Delivery In KL

Introducing… Birthday cakes for adults!

Birthday cakes do not have to be boring. If you are of a legal age, you have to get yourself a birthday cake which contains alcohol at least once in your lifetime. There are many types of alcoholic cakes available, with the popular ones being Baileys Chocolate Mousse and Rum Raisin Chocolate Mousse. If you prefer a less creamy version of a cake, you should definitely go for our Baileys Chocolate Crepe Cake.

Why should you choose an alcoholic cake over a normal birthday cake?

If you are looking for an extra kick to your plain-o-cakes, alcohol cakes are your best choice. Even though our cakes will not knock you out with just a bite, you can definitely taste the alcohol taste in it and it will leave you wanting for more. Not only that, you can also choose to add on our whiskey balls which many customers have raved about. This optional add on will surely make you go “WOW!”.

For those who are buying a birthday cake for a loved one’s birthday, we would strongly recommend getting an alcoholic birthday cake as long as he/she is not allergic to alcohol. This will definitely be his/her most memorable birthday ever.

Be warned though – once you try our cakes, you will definitely come back for more.

Birthday Cake KL – by Cake Tella

Established in 2012, Cake Tella specializes in alcoholic cakes which has become a favourite among many of our customers. Not only do we dish out mouth-watering alcoholic cakes, we also offer a variety of cheesecake and crepe cakes, ranging from Oreo cheesecake to Nutella cheesecake, and triple chocolate crepe cake to apple crumble crepe cake.

Our birthday cake kl are made with premium ingredients and they are freshly baked daily. Though we use the best ingredients available, we strive to keep our prices low so that more people will be able to have a taste of our delicious cakes.

For those who are looking to personalize their cakes, you will be able to do so by writing a short message on a piece of chocolate (do send us your message when you are placing your order). Not only that, we also offer eye-catching firework candles and cake toppers to make your event more joyous.

Have a taste of our cake today by placing an order here!

Types of alcohol cakes available at Cake Tella

  • Mocha Rum & Salted Caramel Rum Mousse
  • Rum Raisin Chocolate Mousse
  • Tiramisu Kahlua
  • Signature Baileys Chocolate Mousse
  • Whiskey Salted Caramel Mousse
  • Baileys Chocolate Crepe Cake
  • Truffle Whiskey Mousse
  • Blackfores Rum
  • Coffee Cheese Rum
  • Baileys Valrhona Chocolate Ice Cream Cake
  • Whiskey Coffee Ice Cream Cake
  • Reviews about our alcohol birthday cakes

    Cake Tella listens to all feedback and suggestions. We aim to provide the best that we can so that you will be able to enjoy the best service from us. If you have tried our alcoholic cakes, let us know how we did on Google Review here! Else, you can find out what our past customers have said about our alcoholic cakes below.


    Ordered the Signature Bailey’s Choco Mousse Cake. If you enjoy generic store-bought cakes, this cake will ruin your taste buds forever. In case you didn’t understand, this is the mother of all cakes. In all seriousness, super professional service from Cake Tella. Bailey’s blends very well with the chocolate flavour. Delivered to my destination fully intact and was beautifully decorated. Will be trying other flavours soon. Thanks for saving the day. PS: The cake did not survive long enough for a picture. – Virodh Sok One on Google Review (5 stars)


    The name says it all “The Best Homemade Alcoholic Cake” indeed! Ordered their Signature Baileys Choc Mousse cake, and to my surprise, the combination of Baileys blends really well with the rich choc flavour. Love their cute little whisky balls and choc pop-pop rock man tho. The cake becomes tastier and richer in flavour after refrigerating overnight. Love it! – Canaliculi Sp on Google Review (5 stars)


    Make sure you purchase your cake online via their website before pick up to avoid disappointment especially during festive season. Their Bailey’s chocolate cake is a luxurious treat for family and friends celebrating. Lovely burst of alcohol in the chocolate truffles balls. Best eaten chilled. – Swiss Tan on Google Review (5 stars)


    Surprisingly received my birthday cake delivery. First tried homemade alcoholic cake, rum raisin choc mouse taste was absolutely tempting and delicious -strong alcoholic rum perfectly matched with the rich chocolate flavour, cute whisky matcha ball, great combination with creative red velvet gula malacca grumble. Thank you my bestie gift and cake tella..You made my day. – Sue on Google Review (5 stars)


    I have been ordering quite a lot since MCO. Their cakes never disappoint me! From whole alcoholic cake, alcoholic ice cream cake and box set of cake slices… I could never get tired from having it. They use high quality ingredients generously, pair with right portions of alcohol, not too sweet all in a great combination for very heavenly taste and textures! I could even taste their loves, passions and happiness infused while baking! Their cakes are probably one of the best that I have ever tried 👍🏻 – Ivy C on Google Review (5 stars)


    Bought cake from this seller thrice this year. They’re amazing. The amount of alcohol in the cake complements the dark chocolate mousse on the cakes. The decoration was really good. Each part of the cake is a delight. The delivery was before the indicated time which was good. I have tried their alcohol cake range: Rum and Raisin, Whiskey Truffle Cake and Bailey’s Signature cake. They’re amazing and contain rich flavors with generous amount of alcohol. – Nithia Ratnam on Google Review (5 stars)