Oreo Chilled Cheesecake (Same Day)

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Milk’s favorite cookie
Oreo Cheese Mousse, Oreo Biscuit Base & Crumbs

Indulge in the ultimate cookie lover’s dream with our Oreo Chilled Cheesecake. Made with a creamy Oreo cheese mousse, an Oreo biscuit base, and crushed Oreo crumbs, this cheesecake is the perfect blend of Oreo flavor in every bite. Satisfy your sweet tooth and indulge in the classic taste of milk’s favorite cookie. This non-alcoholic dessert is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a family gathering or a casual get-together with friends.

Comes decorated as shown in the photo:
– cake message (max. 5 words)
– 6 inch (3 chocolate peanut butter balls)
– 9 inch (7 chocolate peanut butter balls)
– 2 pop rock choc men

Comes inclusive with:
– 1 knife
– 1 firework candle
– 1 big candle

1. Contains egg and dairy.

2. Peanut Butter is used as Cake Message.

3. Cake is meant to be eaten directly from fridge or freezer.

4. Adding on Ice bag & Ice Pack would give you another 1-2 hour of buffer time.


Product Type Transporting Instruction Storage Lifespan
Non Ice Cream Cakes

-Max 2 hours in air conditioned space
-Max 30 minutes in room temperature before it gets too soft to be consumed.

Max 5 days in fridge
Ice Cream Cakes -Max 1 hour in air conditioned space with dry ice
-Max 30 minutes in room temperature before it gets too soft to be consumed.
Max 1 week in freezer
Truffle Cubes Max 3 hours in ice pack Max 1 week in fridge / 1 month in freezer


(Up To 5 Words)

(Up To 150 Characters)



The manly upgrade of our renowned Alcoholic Whisky Ball.
-Storage Temperature: 10°C or below
-Shelf Life: 1 Week Chilled, 1 Month Frozen


Whisky infused chocolate ball coated with matcha powder
-packed separately from cake


Chocolate with POP POP effect in your mouth
-packed separately from cake


Acrylic Cake Topper with Happy Birthday wording


When 1 is not enough, glorify your picture and video with its effect


-Dry Ice Provided
-Only add this if you are bringing the cake somewhere far for up to 2 hours

Earn up to 258 Points.

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