Alcoholic Ice Cream Snow Skin Mooncakes Set

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A fusion of tradition and modernity that’s perfect for Mid Autumn Festival. Each set offers a unique blend of 4 flavors, ensuring a delightful experience in every bite

Guinness Draught Gula Malacca
Roku Gin Sakura Raspberry
Baileys Valrhona Almond
MIlo Nugget (Alcohol Free)

4 Flavors: 120gm each
Guinness Draught Gula Malacca: A bold and robust flavor, like sipping on a smooth pint of Guinness, wrapped in delicate snow skin.

Roku Gin Sakura Raspberry: A floral and refreshing raspberry taste, capturing the essence of cherry blossoms, with a hint of gin’s complexity.

Baileys Valrhona Almond : Blending the smooth taste of Baileys with the rich flavor of Valrhona chocolate and the subtle crunch of almonds. Every spoonful is like savoring a luxurious glass of Baileys, with a nutty twist that adds depth and delight.

Milo Nugget  (Alcohol Free): A nostalgic and comforting flavor, with the crunch of Milo nuggets, offering a non-alcoholic option for everyone in the family to enjoy.

These mooncakes are not just a treat but an experience, bringing together the best of both worlds, with flavors that resonate and textures that tantalize. Enjoy the crunch, savor the smoothness, and celebrate with these unique alcoholic ice cream snow skin mooncakes.

Comes inclusive with
– 1 Ice Bag
– 1 Steel Knife
– 1 Firework Candle
– 1 Big Candle

Delivery/ Pick Up/ Walk In available (Dry ice + Ice Bag provided).
Writing Card available
Flavors are non interchangeable

1. Contains egg and dairy.

2. Peanut Butter is used as Cake Message.

3. Cake is meant to be eaten directly from fridge or freezer.

4. Adding on Ice bag & Ice Pack would give you another 1-2 hour of buffer time.


Product Type Transporting Instruction Storage Lifespan
Non Ice Cream Cakes

-Max 2 hours in air conditioned space
-Max 30 minutes in room temperature before it gets too soft to be consumed.

Max 5 days in fridge
Ice Cream Cakes -Max 1 hour in air conditioned space with dry ice
-Max 30 minutes in room temperature before it gets too soft to be consumed.
Max 1 week in freezer
Truffle Cubes Max 3 hours in ice pack Max 1 week in fridge / 1 month in freezer

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