“The alcohol part was to create a niche market, to create something special so people would talked about it, something to stand out.”

"Modernly presented, his cakes aim to surprise; you might find popping rock chocolate on the cake’s surface or a heady amount of whisky in the middle."


"In this ever expanding artisan industry, he believes that delivering quality desserts made with authentic ingredients is absolute key."

"Want something unique, heavenly and sinfully delicious for your occasion? Cake Tella is the outright choice."

What does a celebration cake mean to you? Be it a birthday, anniversary, gathering or any occasion. Do you just buy any cake or do you look for something unique, heavenly and sinfully delicious?

A celebration cake is about having a memorable moment with your loved ones and cherishing those moments together. I'm Eddie Tan, an obsessed home baker who believes in "Challenging the norm and going the extra mile doing things others don't dare. Infusing alcohol into cakes and bringing them to the next level."

We assure that all cakes are baked with passion, pride and love.

Specializing in Alcoholic & Crepe Cakes since 2014


WhatsApp : 016-2456580 (Eddie)

Waze : Cake Tella

43, SS23/33 Taman Sea 47400 Petaling Jaya

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