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Was inspired to create the ultimate Alcohol Chocolate Mousse and the first alcohol that comes to mind would be Baileys Irish Cream that smells intensely decadent flavors of vanilla bean, cocoa, and whiskey

We pour loads of Baileys Irish Cream into Belgium Chocolate Mousse, layer it with delicate Chocolate Sponge Cake loaded with Baileys, then top it with Crunchy Caramelized Hazelnut imported from TURKEY. To give you the ultimate Smooth Aromatic Satisfying Crunchy Alcoholic flavor all in one bite.

So here’s Cake Tella Original Alcohol Cake that we have been proudly baking since 2002

Comes decorated as shown in the photo:
– cake message (max. 5 words)
– 5 whisky balls
– 2 pop rock choc men
– 1 knife
– 1 firework candle
– 1 big candle


(Up To 5 Words)


baileys choc truffle cubes

Alcoholic Combination of Baileys Irish cream, melted cacao and cream that will melt in your mouth

whisky balls (5 pcs)

Whisky infused chocolate ball coated with matcha powder

pop rock man (4 pcs)

Chocolate with POP POP effect in your mouth

reusable ice bag

-Dry Ice Provided

-Only add this if you are bringing the cake somewhere far for up to 2 hours

reusable ice pack

-Size: 19cm x 14cm x 2.5cm

-Add this with ice bag if you are bringing the cake somewhere far for up to 3 hours

cake topper

Acrylic Cake Topper with Happy Birthday wording

firework candle

When 1 is not enough, glorify your picture and video with its effect

Earn up to 254 Points.

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