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You read it right! PBC is a combination of BACON Bits and Dark Choc Chip which makes it sweet and savoury in taste and Crunchy and chewy in texture.

Perfect gift to sparks lots of conversation . Best given to relatives/ friends who you don’t know how to start a conversation with.

The first Pork Bacon Cookies in Town 😉

-Pork Bacon Cookies(230g) x1

Purchase more than 1 to receive a small bag

*Best eaten fresh within 1-2 weeks

**the weight is an estimation, please allow 10g of difference



baileys choc truffle cubes

Alcoholic Combination of Baileys Irish cream, melted cacao and cream that will melt in your mouth

cake topper

Acrylic Cake Topper with Happy Birthday wording

firework candle

When 1 is not enough, glorify your picture and video with its effect

Earn up to 102 Points.