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How to spot for Real Vanilla

Madagascar, Premium, French, Tahitian, Vanilla , Vanilla? Ever wonder what are the difference ?

Guess which one contains Vanilla? LEFT VS RIGHT

How about this ?

*INSERT BURNT CHEESECAKE PHOTO *Hint look at the black specs*

The black specks are Vanilla Seed where all the flavor is ! You have to slit it open and scrape the seeds out. Tips: leftover pods can be 1. cook in sauces/ syrups 2. store in sugar jar and blended afterwards -Yes you can blend it with sugar to fully maximize your money

3. throw into the rubbish bin

This is an image of a Vanilla Plant and the Pod after harvesting, curing and drying. Its very expensive due to the labor and demand for it . There are around 150 different breeds, Madagasar vanilla, Bourbon vanilla, and Tahitian vanilla are the more popular ones.

Used to be expensive, but since 2 years ago it became even more expensive due to Global Warming which destroy 80% of the world's supply at Madagascar. (The more affordable pod use to be rm7, now its rm25)

Yes Madagascar is also known not for their Penguins!

2 Categories of Extract

1. Synthetic/Artificial/Imitation Vanilla Flavoring *Often labeled as Vanilla Extract in Malaysia

- Made from by-products of paper

- Rely on chemically produced Lignin Vanillin for the flavor

Why use Imitation Vanilla? - Way cheaper than the Real Vanilla Pod - Longer Shelf Life & not as Perishable as Real Vanilla Pod

2. Pure Vanilla Extract

- Made from soaking Vanilla Pod with Alcohol or Glycerin.

- Ranges from cheap to high quality . - The cheaper ones uses less Vanilla, where else the Premium one uses more *like Milo Kao ,The more the stronger

- Price = Quality , anything less than rm10 = Low Grade

How to Buy and Store Properly

1. Vanilla Pods - When choosing make sure its moist and flexible , if u can bend it like Beckham then its nice and moist - If its breaks into half = not stored well but here's a tip Before Bending it, make sure no one is around you , because nice to touch nice to see but once Broken considered Sold !

- keep it airtight in the fridge (can last for few years) as long as it doesn't dry out

Anyway Ikea sells really cheap ziplock bag

2. Vanilla Extract - keep in somewhere dark and cooling

I will always keep in the fridge, Malaysia Room Temp 30C = too hot

Hope you are more aware when are you having anything to to do with Vanilla !

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