Eddie Tan from Cake Tella
Three years ago, Eddie Tan, a culinary arts graduate, turned down the golden opportunity to work in an award-winning restaurant in Marina Bay Sands.
Now he is a baker who operates his own business called Cake Tella, a local cakery in Petaling Jaya.

Jean Khoo, Vulcan Post

Cake Tella aims to create unique cakes that are filled with surprises. Founded by Eddie Tan who was graduated from culinary school, he strongly believes in challenging the norm and bringing the creation of cakes to the next level. Describing himself as an obsessed home baker, Eddie assures all Cake Tella's cakes are baked with passion, pride and love. Want something unique, heavenly and sinfully delicious for your occasion? Cake Tella is the outright choice.

TallyPress, You Vote, We Publish

Pure Glutton Cake
"Well, there’s nothing angelic about his Baileys Chocolate Mousse Cake, really. In fact, I think it’s a pretty evil cake. It contains 3 shots of Baileys in the rich Chocolate Mousse which sandwiches the layers of chocolate sponge cake moistened with Baileys Syrup and the cake is topped generously with crunchy Caramelized Hazelnuts. Oh … did I forget to say it’s also decorated with chocolate Whiskey Truffles and Pop Rock Chocolate?"

Chris, Pure Glutton